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The Emerald Flame - Allan Frewin Jones

Title: The Emerald Flame
Author: Allan Frewin Jones
Publisher: Harper Collins US
Pages: 344
Date of publication: October 26, 2010
Series: Warrior Princess
Format: Hardcover
Source: Library
Also known for: Faerie path series, warrior princess series
Rating: 4

The emerald flame is the third installment in the warrior princess series.

If you like your heroines' covered in blood and able to weld a sword and shield then this is the book for you. You won't find any pampered princesses within these pages! Branwen is our barbarian princess, who under instruction from the Shining Ones (gods) is dead set on riding her country of the murderous Saxons who threaten to overtake her beloved Wales.The gorgeous and infuriating Iwan is now with her and it seems as if everyone else can see something between them that she cannot see herself.

The romance in this book is perfection. It is not rushed and each scene is something precious. I cannot wait to see this develop further in the next book!!

While there is a lot of violence in this book, it was not overly gruesome. The action scenes were well written, my eyes could not move quickly enough to keep up with all the action!

There were also some great twists to the story. It just keeps on getting better. Branwen is growing up into a strong and well rounded young woman and I can't wait to see what happens next. Read this series!

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