About me

Hi there,

I'm a very avid reader and have been my entire life =D

I'm a uni student, studying nursing so reading YA provides a welcome relief from all the pharmacology and anatomy books that I have to read.

When I'm not studying (hah) and reading I enjoy writing gothic novels and hope to become a published author one day! *fingers crossed* but writing just for myself is more than enough at this point in time.

My favourite tv shows of all time are: BTVS, Angel, Supernatural, Bones, Doctor who, Sherlock Holmes, Being human, The vampire diaries, Modern family, American horror story... okay so maybe I watch a lot of tv.

Music: I'm loving Lana Del Rey atm! Blood red shoes, the klaxons, Arctic Monkeys, Florence and the Machine, Tool, Queens of the stoneage, Smashing Pumpkins, Filter, Rage against the machine, the verve, the checks, ladyhawke... many many more. I love anything rock and alternative.

Feel free to friend me on goodreads! I love meeting new people and discussing books I love.

Thanks for checking out this blog

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