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Scattering like light - S.C Ransom

Title: Scattering like light
Author: S.C Ransom
Publisher: Nosy Crow
Date of Publication: 1st of January 2012
Number of pages: 287
Format: Paperback
Series: Small blue thing
Also known for: Small blue thing and Perfectly reflected
Source: Library
Rating: 4.5

Scattering like light is the final book in the small blue thing trilogy and by far the best with regards to certain aspects. If you haven't read this trilogy, I highly recommend it. It is a sweet and lovely story about a girl who finds a bracelet in the Thames and finds herself able to communicate with a spirit - Dirge - who must steal the happy memories of strangers in order to stave of madness. Finally Alex thinks she may have a chance to save Callum, the boy she loves from his horrible fate. A new character is introduced - Max - who makes Alex think long and hard about her future relationship with Callum. If she can't save him then how can they be together? I know some readers may have been displeased with Max but I thought he was necessary for Alex to really question her feelings and relationship with Callum. I think that their relationship became all the more stronger.

There are some answers! Yay. Some of the plot twists caught me completely off guard which was certainly a surprise because this is a generally predictable kind of series. I think readers will be satisfied. I was sad to see the end of this series as I had really come to love Alex and Callum. I'm pleased with the way it ended.

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