Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Katana - Cole Gibsen

Title: Katana
Author: Cole Gibsen
Publisher: Flux
Pages: 375
Date of publication: 8th of March, 2012
Format: Paperback
Source: Library
Also known for: Breathless.
Series: Possibly?
Rating: 3.5

I was not sure what to expect from Katana but I was pleasantly surprised. It is a quick, fast-paced action - filled read about a young skater chick who discovers that she has a 15th century samurai warrior inside of her from a past life. She finds she can kick some serious ass. Then we have Kim her gorgeous instructor who has a hidden past with her and some hot chemistry.

I can only describe this book was fun. It's a great way to pass 3-4 hours when you have nothing to do and want something purely entertaining. However there was nothing special about this story. No meaning. Which is perfectly fine because not every book can be meaningful and life changing. I liked the characters, even though they were rather one dimensional. The most colourful character would have to be her gay best friend Quentin. He just popped off the page. Overall, this was a fair read that satisfied my entertainment needs, but sadly forgettable.

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